Second release!

This release is still alpha, but some improvments and bugfixes should make it more stable

Here is the changelog :

* Avoid windoo css in release package
* Replace some divs by tables
* Improve group hiding
* Correct a LoginWindow label in configuration
* Adjust red border size for LoginWindow
* Replace some divs by tables
* Lighter message notification
* Add a 'collapsed/expanded' arrow icon on group banner into roster
* Code cleanup
* Add a czech translation
* Ability to override browser language configuration
* Add a license header
* ChangeLog is built automatically by make package script
* Add README,COPYING,ChangeLog and .htaccess files

First release!

Ajaxbber has been released for the first time yesterday. This is an alpha release, and you should have in mind there still is a lot of problems.
Some browsers won't display things correctly, message notification eats cpu very much, ... But it is pretty usable if you use it with firefox.

Feel free to mail me comments, bugfixes, ideas ! ( mat dot ajaxbber at yawks dot net )

First news !

This is the first news. It means Ajaxbber got its own website, on sourceforge repository.
Yeah !