Ajaxbber is a web-based Jabber client. It is completly written in Javascript, and uses Ajax technology.

Ajaxbber provides basic instant messenging, and roster management through the web browser. There's no need to install anything in your computer, you just have to use a compatible browser. (see FAQ). It's comparable to JWChat, but all windows stays inside one web page. It's widely configurable, and themeable, because it is wholly based on CSS design.

  • Roster management : add, edit, delete contacts
  • Create account
  • Status messages
  • User avatars XEP 0153
  • Preferences stored in a cookie
  • Eye candy effects for notification
  • All chat windows in the same "tab", and few popups

Click here to see an offline demo
It is only a demonstration, and it won't connect to a real server, you don't have to fill real values. This is a fake backend which simulate connections/status/... of fake contacts.
It is also useful for tests.

Ajaxbber is released under LGPL license.